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Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Generator

The decontamination of enclosures with big volumes is a basic process, to provide suitable requirements for sterile productions in numerous manufacturing branches such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnological or food industry.

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Charm ROSA Milk Tests

Charm ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) milk tests are the leading residue diagnostic tests employed by the dairy industry worldwide. Charm ROSA strips use patented ROSA technology to deliver fast, accurate detection of antibiotics, veterinary drugs, and aflatoxin M1 in a convenient lateral flow formal.

All ROSA tests follow the same simple procudure and use the same equipment, making testing fast, efficient and cost effective. Just add milk to the test strip, incubate and read on the ROSA Pearl Reader.

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ROSA Grain

Charm manufacturers a variety of ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) tests to detect mycotoxins (aflatoxin, DON/vomitoxin, fumonisin, ochratoxin, T-2/HT2, and zearalenone) in feed and grain. Utilizing Innovative ROSA technology, Charm lateral flow mycotoxin tests are easy to use and provide rapid, quantitative results. All ROSA mycotoxin tests follow similar assay format and can be read on the same equipment.

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สินค้ามาใหม่ Blue Yellow II

Charm Blue Yellow II is a microbial inhibition assay that detects inhibitors, such as antibiotics - the most common inhibitors found in raw milk. The Charm Blue Yellow II has achieved the Charm Gold Standard by establishing a new benchmark in sensitivity by detecting many antimicrobial drugs at a below EU MRLs (Maximum Residue Limits). It is designed for high volume screening of raw commingled and ultra-pasteurized cow milk.